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Sheer Heaven is a product specifically designed to improve the quality of hair. Salvation rejuvenates and rehydrates dry, damaged, lifeless hair giving the ultimate moisturizing protein oil treatment. Salvation counteracts the harsh effects of chemicals, appliances and harsh climate. Your customers will regain the confidence that comes with having beautiful hair.

Salvation dramatically improves the quality of dry, damaged and chemically treated hair-including split ends. Treating damaged hair means replacing the lost moisture, the missing oils (that help hair retain the moisture) and the protein that’s lost from chemical treatments. Sheer Heaven Salvation includes high moisture ingredients, small-molecule oils and proteins.


What They Say



Using Sheer Heaven Salvation has completely changed my hair. The way it sits without even doing a thing. Love this product.

-Marissa - VIC



Sheer Heaven is by far my favourite product in my shower. The smell, the texture, everything. I would use it everywhere if I could. Would recommend this to everyone.

-Taylor - QLD



I’ve been looking for a really rich, moisturising treatment for so long & Sheer Heaven is that product. It smells amazing & my hair so healthy after using it.

-Steph - SA

Salon Only